Diary: Behold, the billings bard

Ever considered writing a poem about a brief or a sonnet about a tissue meeting? Please don't.

Whatever you write won't come close to the poetic majesty of adland's answer to Shakespeare, David Wethey. The Agency Assessments International founder was so moved by the Top 100 agencies table that he penned a Bob Dylan-esque ditty about it. It's there for all to see on his website, www.makingbetterdecisionsbetter.co.uk. Here's a taster:

Come gather 'round people Wherever you lunch And admit some of the big shops Are a beleaguered bunch

His remarkable oeuvre also includes a poem about global campaigns that is so profound, it could put you off advertising for life:

Consultant and client assured: Global ads: we can afford. They've gone, as we feared And the account's disappeared. Thank God we won the award!