DIARY: Bell brings a boost for beleaguered IPG staff

Interpublic's chief, David Bell, is clearly a glass-half-full man. He is unbowed by the class-action law suit facing him, the Securities and Exchange Commission search into IPG's misleading accounting, its bungy-jumping share price or, indeed, the fact some of the people he's relying on to save IPG enjoy watching Bell and his ilk suffer.

So it's heartening to see another cheery Bell memo, sure to warm the cockles of IPG staff deprived of bonus or pay rise. For Bell reassures them IPG's clients "really do (underlined) value what we do. They know they need it more than ever. And they want to work with partners who they trust."

And why not? After all, as Bell says, he has been holding meetings with important IPG clients and his message is simple: "We get it. We care." And he adds: "The hairy balance sheet financial issues are largely behind us."