DIARY: Bell offers bonanza to organic growth ideas

IPG's David Bell is a man who likes to make his staff feel involved. And if you want proof, look no further than the latest installment in our series entitled "The Bell Memos".

This week, Bell turns his attention to organic growth. Basically, he wants some. Badly. In fact, he wants it so much that he's appointed a chief growth officer to help him get it.

And that's not all. Bell has also set aside $1 million and one million Interpublic stock options, which will be used to "reward activities that improve collaboration or otherwise result in organic growth".

In other words, any bright spark who can come up with a way to improve IPG's bottom line will be richly rewarded for their efforts.

Which means the guy who suggested that McCann-Erickson sack one person a week must now be rolling in it.