Diary: Berlin offers Willingham a scary nocturnal visitor

Diary has heard of some novel uses for an issue of Campaign, but this latest one isn't going to curry favour with the folks at the RSPCA.

While on a trip to Berlin for the IFA consumer electronics fair, Fallon's Chris Willingham decided to use his latest issue to fend off an unwanted night-time visitor.

No, Willingham hadn't inadvertently invited one of the delegates back to his hotel room; in fact, he had spent the entire evening slaving over a Sony presentation with the client.

In desperate need of some shut-eye before the main event the next day, Willingham retired to his room at 1am.

However, shortly after closing his eyes, the Fallon partner felt something swoop past his nose. Startled, Willingham flicked on the light only to discover that a bat was circling his hotel room.

As his eyes scanned the room for a suitable weapon to fend off the invader, Willingham's gaze settled upon his issue of Campaign on his bedside table. Unfortunately, the flailing motions that ensued with the rolled-up magazine simply startled the bat into a hiding place in the air vent, where it remained for the rest of Willingham's sleepless night.