Diary: The best awards show award goes to ..

Seconds out. Round one. The IPA and Creative Circle have gone toe-to-toe in the battle to encourage awards' submissions.

And it's first blood to the IPA, for whom Touch DDB has painstakingly recreated four ads out of miniature toys to launch the 2009 IPA Effectiveness Awards.

Enlisting the help of Barbie and Ken, Lego figures, toy cars, mini models, Play-Doh and other bits and bobs (a bit like a Blue Peter art project), the agency pieced together Levi's "launderette", Volkswagen Polo's "police shoot-out", Sony Bravia's "Play-Doh" and Land Rover's "hippos" ads.

The finished miniature scenes were printed on to postcards, with the endline "Small budgets can now win big", and sent out to encourage people to enter the awards before 24 April.

Meanwhile, the Creative Circle has been boxing clever with its call on entrants for the 2009 awards. Dye Holloway Murray managed to effortlessly rile London's car drivers and adland's receptionists with one sucker punch.

The agency placed signs outside a number of agency car-parks, which looked like they were advertising available spaces, but were actually referring to the annual.

Diary doesn't think an unnamed receptionist, who had to forcibly remove a driver from the car-park, was laughing at such a low blow.