Diary: Bestival fails to dampen summer spirits at glue

Despite severe weather warnings, revellers from glue London were not deterred from celebrating their summer party on the Isle of Wight at Bestival earlier this month.

With torrential downpours, waterlogged areas and ferocious winds, the three-day festival's fancy dress theme - "30,000 freaks under the sea" - could not have been more appropriate.

The glue designer Ben Pierce, who was dressed up as a dashing prawn, even made visiting the Portaloo look strangely sophisticated with his cane, porkpie hat and welly boots.

Standing among Captain Birdseye, jellyfish and sea monsters, one reveller was heard lamenting, as the clouds opened up for what seemed like the millionth time: "I'm out of my comfort zone ... my comfort zone is tarmac."

For those who fell face-first into the mud, at least they had the comfort of 40 tents ready to house the weak and weary, and perhaps smoother skin - without the cost of a facial - at the end of the weekend.

The glue experience was probably not too dissimilar to the endurance race the boys from McCann Erickson took on recently. Simon Hill, the new-business director, and Peter Wilson, a planner, cycled and canoed in torrential rain in the Lake District (they even came first), to raise £1,500 for Action Medical Research.