Diary: BETC strikes right chord

Diary has heard of a few strange initiation ceremonies over the years, but none seems as nerve-wracking as the prospect facing BETC London's new management team, Matthew Charlton and Neil Dawson. Upon hearing about the pair's love of music, the BETC founder Remi Babinet has asked them to play two songs - including the aptly named London Calling by The Clash - in front of 500 staffers at the Paris office. A band called The Black And Yellow Stripes (named after the agency's bee logo) has been formed, with Dawson on vocals and Charlton on guitar. What the standard will be like when the gig takes place tonight (Thursday) is anyone's guess, especially when you consider that the group, in true gritty start-up style, has only been able to rehearse in Charlton's parents' garage in Norfolk.