Diary: Big winners go AWOL

It's been more than a week, so everyone should have recovered from their Big Awards hangovers by now.

As we try to sketch together our booze-addled memories of the evening, we can recall a lot of merriment and no punch-ups, which is always a bonus. The DDB creative team Dave Henderson and Richard Denney sadly didn't get to pick up their award even though they were at the ceremony because, as their names were called, they were on the phone sorting out a wardrobe issue on the set of the latest Volkswagen ad. Instead, they waved teary-eyed, and still glued to their mobiles, as their secretary picked it up for them.

Diary would also like to congratulate Farfar Isobar, which did well for an agency that no longer exists. Some of the crowd chanted "Farfar Isobar" to the tune of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance when it was called up, which almost made up for the fact that the Farfar winners were far, far away at the time.