DIARY: Bishop rises to Fisher challenge to bash out a tune at the COI party

When Carol Fisher hammed it up with a cardboard tiara at her COI Communications leaving-do, little did she realise what a dangerous precedent she was setting.

The former COI head honcho was not known for spontaneous bursts of odd behaviour (although Bruce Haines may disagree), but on her last day in the job, she let her theatrical side come to the fore.

And on that fateful evening, Fisher set a challenge to all future COI chief executives. "Top that," she seemed to say. Well, not to be outdone, the new COI boss, Alan Bishop, has proved that when it comes to eccentric and slightly unnerving behaviour, he can outshine Fisher any day.

It all happened at last week's COI summer party, where hundreds of staff watched with a combination of awe and befuddlement as Bishop, looking uncannily like TV's Jerry Springer, leapt up on stage and performed a dignity-free rendition of the classic Troggs hit Wild Thing.

Backed by COI's in-house band, The Mosquitos, Bishop thrashed his way through the number. One eye witness was so impressed that he described Bishop as a "natural on stage".

Sadly, this eye witness was clearly deluding himself as, although from the chin up Bishop gave it everything, straining every vocal chord and roaring with all his might, from the neck down it was a different story.

Maybe the picture doesn't do him justice, but Bish looks a wee bit stiff from where we're sitting. Look at him, with his feet planted and his arms by his side. He must have shuffled around the stage with all the expressive body language of Al Gore.

Still, the crowd loved it and that is all that matters. Not wanting to be seen as a moonlighter, Bishop has since strenuously denied that he'll be taking bookings for weddings, bar mitzvahs, children's parties and hen weekends.

So now the challenge has been bounced back to Fisher. Come on Carol, the pressure's on. Let's hear your rendition of I Will Survive.