Diary: A bit of bread will buy you the original Hovis cottage

If asked to think of a classic bread ad, the recent Hovis "ducks" work doesn't spring straight to mind.

More likely to pop into your head will be Allinson's animated baker reminding bread buyers that his wares have "nowt tekken owt", or Ridley Scott's moving 1974 Hovis ad "hill".

Who could forget the picturesque cottage, the steep hill, the bike-riding bread-delivery boy and the wistful and highly memorable Largo from Dvorak's New World symphony?

Now, anyone with £425,000 can become part of the classic work because the dwelling from the ad, called Updown Cottage, has just become available to buy.

Built in the 17th century, Updown Cottage, which can be found in Shaftesbury in Dorset, is a grade-II listed building and, as well as appearing in the ad, has also been a pub and a butcher's shop. Ironically, it has never been a baker's.

The cottage appeared in the property section of The Sunday Times this weekend, described as having a "large terrace garden with magnificent views over the rooftops of Cranborne Chase and Blackmore Vale".

However, the estate agents, Jackson-Stops & Staff, said of the cottage: "Parking is a bit pot-luck and at the bottom of a steep hill. The cottage was last for sale in 2002 for £285,000."

Trust an estate agent to bulldoze over the sentimental angle and say what is really important. Price and parking.