DIARY: Blunder offers Miles a licence to drink in his Marketing Group biog

Typos. Don't you hate them? The misplacing of a single letter in an otherwise beautifully composed piece of correspondence can render the whole thing invalid.

They also have the potential to get you into a lot of trouble, as a senior J. Walter Thompson staffer famously once discovered. In an internal e-mail to Sir Martin Sorrell, he told the boss what he needed to know in advance of a meeting. The communication was concise and made its point well. However, there was one problem. In anticipation of the approaching meeting, he signed it off: "See you shorty."

Jeremy Miles, the world's most charming chairman, understands better than most how frustrating a typo can be. Those who attended the Marketing Group of Great Britain dinner last week will have received a book listing its members, complete with mini biogs.

Miles, a founder of Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy and chuffed to bits to be a member of just about anything worth joining, had listed his memberships in his entry. The only problem was, thanks to a typo, not only is he a member of the Solus Club, he's also joined the "Thirsty Club". Now Miles likes a Bellini as much as the next man, but that's as far as it goes ...