Diary: BMB keeps it surreal at agency Christmas party

Beattie McGuinness Bungay wins this year's award for the most emotive Christmas party.

Held last Thursday evening at BMB's Covent Garden offices, the party had an odd but not unenjoyable feeling that something dark and sinister was about to happen.

The ambience and setting of the entire night seemed to point at some kind of Dali-esque fantasy, no doubt dreamed up by Beattie. The presence of a fully grown snowy owl tethered in the entrance hall added to the weird feeling running through the place. The nocturnal bird managed to cause more of a stir than the presence of sometime TV presenter Richard Bacon.

The sight of a Burlesque dancer riding a rocking horse, the event's other memorable bird, brought a Victorian feeling to the affair.

And to finish the night off was a machine hanging out of a top-floor window pouring snow down into the street like a scene from A Christmas Carol.

The night was completed by a creative drinks list starring the BMB, a shot specially created for the evening, containing Bacardi, Malibu and banana liqueur, which seemed to go down very well.