DIARY: BMP finds its rhythm to drum up business

It has been a tough year - no stone has been left unturned by agencies seeking the right ingredients to gain an edge over the competition. However, BMP DDB took things to unusual extremes at its annual get-together last week.

Photographic evidence of said outing showed 350 BMP staffers sitting row-on-row with hands raised in unison to the sky, looking like the audience at a TV evangelist's faith healing show.

But no, on closer examination the scene was in fact the ever-energetic Chris Cowpe, the joint chief executive of BMP DDB, flanked by a posse of African drumming experts, leading BMP's finest in a lesson on rhythm.

Cowpe, always the people's chief executive, was leading what is being touted as the next big thing in team building. Bugger being stranded in a forest with a compass and a packet of Twiglets with five creatives.

Beating the crap out of a drum for an evening is certainly a much more carthartic experience.

The drumming kicked off an evening of fun and games at the Namco centre, a place that brings back memories of past glory for BMP - Namco is in the old Greater London Council building, an ad account that BMP produced some of the best political advertising for in the 80s.