Diary: Did BMW and Expedia fool anyone with spoof work?

Of course, you lot working in the savvy and sceptical business that you're in won't have been taken in by the April Fool spoof ads on Wednesday.

After all, who would have fallen for the WCRS print ad explaining why BMW cars are so fuel efficient? The secret lies in BMW's smart technology that enables drivers to hitch a ride from the car in front via a magnetic beam that allows the BMW to coast with the engine switched off. As the copy explains: "Why burn your fuel when you can burn someone else's?"

Diary took a few minutes to work out why anybody should be calling the BMW engineer Uve Vollenvort for further information. That's until we clicked that his name sounds a lot like "you've fallen for it.

A nice try also by Expedia, the online travel agent, which offered the moon and stars to adventure holiday seekers with the launch of Expedia Space. Curiously, the offer from Expedia's intergalactic call centre didn't last beyond midday.