DIARY: Boase gets Solus Club hot under the collars

The Solus Club, the London advertising world's last bastion of politically incorrect male-only dining, has been having a little local difficulty with one of its more colourful members.

It seems that Martin Boase, one of the founders of BMP DDB, has - shock, horror - consistently refused to wear his regulation black and white striped bow tie to the club's various dinners. The latest dinner, at which the FA boss, Adam Crozier, spoke last week, saw Boase flouting the rules in his usual devil-may-care manner. Good Lord, is nothing sacred in this business? First he bloody well goes and votes women into the Thirty Club and now this?

The penalty for this heinous crime is not, as one might suspect, a series of sound beatings and a lot of cold baths, but a small fine added on to the subscription fee.

'I don't care,' Boase says, defiantly. 'Club ties are one thing, but club bow ties? I'm a sartorial nerd and happy to admit it. I'll pay my fine with pleasure.'

Readers may like to ponder the fact that Boase, caught above at the races in the mid-80s, is also unlucky enough to be the subject of the finest photograph of an ad figure in a fur coat. Ah, it makes us nostalgic for the days when entire agencies would sport sheepskins or Afghans to the office.