DIARY: Book early for Xmas if you want a drink at M&C Saatchi's offices

We've heard of forward planning, but this really takes the biscuit. An e-mail recently arrived at Campaign from those renowned party-organisers M&C Saatchi, trying to organise Christmas drinks for 2001, and even suggesting a suitable date and time for us to slip into our diaries - all done without a trace of irony.

Apparently this Yuletide event is 'very high up on their list of priorities' for the year. Ah, we're flattered. We hadn't realised we were such amazing company...

However, the reason for this madness soon became more apparent when it emerged that between Maurice, Charles, James, Bill, Moray, David, Jeremy, Nick and Tim, the task of co-ordinating the agency's management diaries is a complete nightmare. So clearly these chaps are far more popular than us.

Admittedly, the sender did suggest that we might think she was slightly mad, but that she was really just being conscientious. Fair play. But we're still nursing our heads and getting over the blitz from last year.

So, thanks very much for the invitation, but most of us don't even have a clue what we will be doing at the weekend, let alone ten months from now!