Diary: Bouncer bribery ends with discoteca deja vu

During a trip to the Barcelona Grand Prix for media buyers and advertisers, News International's News Group commercial team did everything immaculately - from laying on the rooms in the plush Hotel Arts through to dinners at Michelin-starred restaurants.

And News Group's ad director, David Emin, extended the hospitality to leading from the front when it came to the late-night escapades. On the first night of the trip, Emin, high on success after doing rather well at the casino, took MediaCom's David Kyffin on a mission to hit Barcelona's clubs.

Bored of one club, the pair decided to go on to another one, but on approaching the door, they were refused entry by an over-zealous bouncer. At this point, Emin cunningly decided to bribe the doorman with his casino winnings. A swift entry via a fire escape was secured, only for a tired and emotional Emin and Kyffin to realise that they were in the same club they'd just left.

You couldn't make it up.