Diary: Bravia copycat spots are a load of balls (and fruit)

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the egos at Fallon are getting a real massage at the moment as spoof after spoof of its "balls" ad for Sony's Bravia TV are unleashed upon the world.

Both WCRS and Clemmow Hornby Inge have taken the format and transferred it to the streets of England.

In a viral for Mecca Bingo, the creatives at WCRS have gone a little bit Phoenix Nights. In a purposely low-budget execution, the bouncing balls are backed by a Hammond organ track reminiscent of seaside music halls.

As the balls travel down a street, a northern voiceover shouts out famous bingo lines, such as: "Two fat ladies, 88." There is even an appearance from a stuffed frog, who is dragged out of a drainpipe on a fishing line.

CHI has replaced balls with fruit for a Tango ad. As oranges, lemons, apples and watermelons are fired down a hilly street, cars are dented, a bike is smashed up and windows are broken.

A similar spoof for Doritos takes place in the US, but involves massive wheels of cheese rolling and bouncing down the street, ruining cars and destroying phone boxes.

Wieden & Kennedy in Amsterdam has also spoofed the ad for EA Games' Battlefield Two, which uses the original score but replaces the balls with bouncing soldiers.

Whatever will come next? Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO is said to be looking into one for its new SwitchCo client.