Diary: Breasts, balls and booze: just another night in adland

The Under The Influence conference lived up to its name last week, when more than 800 of the ad industry's finest (read drunkest) pondered pressing issues such as who's getting the next round in.

Iris commandeered five pubs in Borough for the event, where industry speakers each picked a topic to tear apart while attendees wandered from one to the other - a bit like Glastonbury, only with more mudslinging.

Among them was the muck-raker and blogger extraordinaire George Parker, who regaled a packed pub with copious expletives, calling one chairman "the poison dwarf" and generally laying into owners of what he referred to as BDAs or "Big Dumb Agencies". This went down a storm, with one (probably highly paid) "fan" even begging Parker to sign her breasts.

Like all good showmen, Laurence Green kept his audience waiting. Embarrassingly, organisers were forced to consult the Fallon website to get his number and track the tardy Green down. When he did arrive, like many there, he talked balls: revealing Fallon's "balls" ad was knocked back four times by Sony before it relented.

As the evening and the alcohol wore on, a few people forgot why they were there in the first place, with Andrew Baron, the founder of Rocketboom, forgetting the third of his three-point presentation.

To read an observer's account, featuring a celebrity appearance from Jamie Oliver, log on to www.brandrepublic.com/campaign.