Diary: Brits take Silver Doggie Bowls at animal festival

Who says that when it comes to being the world's creative top dogs, the Brits can't hack it anymore?

Certainly not us at Diary, where we bring you news of a double triumph at this year's Animal Spot International Advertising Festival.

And it's no dog's breakfast, according to the organisers who played host to "eminent personalities of the cultural world" at the prize-giving in Rome last weekend.

And you'll be glad to hear of a double Silver Doggie Bowl British triumph. One went to Bartle Bogle Hegarty, which topped the artistic value category with its film for Robinsons, starring a very domesticated bird.

The other was won by Simon Tofield and Tandem Films, whose commercial for the RSPCA "give animals a voice" campaign topped the ethic value section.

But times are tight and BBH couldn't send anyone to collect its award - but the creatives Matt Waller and Dave Monk professed to be "chuffed". Who said never work with animals?