Diary: BT feels fury of Garry Lace via CampaignLive

We're a modest bunch here at Campaign, but last week showed just how much influence our revamped CampaignLive website holds.

Or, more accurately, how much influence Robert Campbell and Garry Lace's "Campbell Lace Beta" blog holds. Because, in a Lace rant, BT got one in the neck for failing to come up with the goods by providing a phone line.

"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A BT PHONE LINE?" Lace asked. "Before Robert does something he might regret." It may seem unlikely, but less than 24 hours after the post was made, BT returned the call.

"We've just read your blog, we're sorry, and we'd like to sort out your BT line ASAP," an e-mail from the company said. And success!

The agency, which recently won its first piece of business, can now make and receive calls. The power of CampaignLive, eh?