Diary: Building an agency from Twitter? That's revolution

Barack Obama is on it. Stephen Fry is on it. And now it seems that every agency is on it too. But some, it must be said, have begun their Twitter life more successfully than others.

While a recent poll showed that Ogilvy London and BBH Labs had 8,072 and 2,809 followers respectively, AKQA (129 followers) and Mindshare London (an embarrassing 39) can't claim to be so popular.

In fact, the Twitter revolution has been so meteoric that it's now creating agencies of its own.

As a business experiment, a group of friends have formed "The Tweet Agency", and aim to source a complete team for their creative comms shop entirely from people who approach them via the site.

Diary seriously doubts that this will work. But with 89 followers, the agency has already proved more popular than Mindshare.