Diary: Building a Flashy website gets the better of start-ups

London is a city saturated with agencies, all vying for the same business, so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that newcomers to the market must demonstrate exceptional potential. Leaving aside creative and strategic flair, a half-decent website can nail two of the most basic qualities: digital competency and the ability to sell.

Perhaps this is too simplistic an analysis, though. Diary has conducted detailed research (well, has consulted Google, if you must know) as part of an audit on the home-pages of recent start-up agencies. The results are staggering.

First up, Sir Frank Lowe's The Red Brick Road, which fast-tracks visitors to a holding page. "Almost ready ..." it promises. "We're just laying the last few bricks." Pretty slow labourers, that lot. After all, The Red Brick Road launched more than a year ago.

Over to Dye Holloway Murray. One click speeds visitors to a registration page informing them that the domain dyehollowaymurray.com was registered on 13 January 2007. Other than that, nothing more substantial - in fact, nothing at all - can be found.

The most recent entrant to the market, Amp, takes the "better out than in" award for its website. "We're sorry," it tells new arrivals. "But we are too busy to finish our website after winning Callaway Golf Europe." Congratulations, but perhaps that's a truth better hidden from the multinational new-business prospect considering you for its shortlist.