Diary: Bullmore's bowled over by acceptance to WACL

Campaign's sage Jeremy Bullmore has just belied Groucho Marx's adage about not joining any club that would have him as a member by doing exactly that.

Mind you, it's taken more than 80 years for WACL to amend its females-only rule and name him as its first male honorary member.

John Bartle, David Abbott, Bruce Haines and Alan Bishop have all vied to make the title their own. But it is Bullmore who has wowed the women, having been a regular speaker at WACL events.

Helen Calcraft, the WACL president, warns other blokes not to get too excited. "This is a one-off admission to the witches coven," she declares.

"We don't intend setting a precedent."

Bullmore, who recently remarked that WACL remained the most civilised of advertising clubs because he wasn't in it, was apparently overcome by the accolade.

"He welled up," Calcraft says. His certificate of membership now takes pride of place on the wall of his office at WPP.

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