Diary: Buonaguidi casts light on darker side of Ping-Pong

This week's award for disarming honesty goes to Karmarama's Dave Buonaguidi for his new book We're Shit And We Know We Are.

Before everybody rushes to throw an arm around him and assure him Karmarama isn't that bad, it should be explained that Buonaguidi writes not about his agency's creativity, but its table tennis skills.

Deluded into believing that, after a few energetic knockabouts in the office, it was good at the game, the agency entered two teams for the London Central Table Tennis League.

Alas, it seriously overestimated its collective abilities. Not least Buonaguidi himself. As Desmond Douglas, the former England number one, writes in the introduction: "I recently played Dave for about an hour and he was rubbish."

We're Shit ... charts the shambolic performance of the team dubbed Karma2.

When Karma2 is playing a team from the International Student House, they decide one of the opposition looks like a total geek but turns out to be a "Ping-Pong Super Yoda".

Karma2's season ended like this: played 16, lost 14, won 1, drew 1.

The win came courtesy of an opponent who took pity and forfeited the game.

"Yoda proceeded to run riot through the ill-disciplined ranks of Karma2, even pausing halfway through his demolition of Buonaguidi to question him about his bat and then studiously checking the rubbers on both sides to find out how a standard bat could produce such bizarre shots. Once satisfied that it wasn't the bat but the player he proceeded with extreme prejudice."

Karma2's season ended like this. Played 16, Lost 14, Won 1, Drew 1. The win came courtesy of an opponent who took pity and forfeited the game.