Diary: Buonaguidi exposes his one-man crime crusade

Burglars of London beware. Dave Buonaguidi, the creative director and founder of Karmarama, is looking for you.

Writing in The Guardian last weekend, Buonaguidi tells of how he confronted a burglar after numerous thefts from his one-bedroom basement flat in London's Elephant & Castle (prospective pilferers take note: he's moved).

The trouble started when Buonaguidi arrived home to find his flat burgled for the second time in months. His response was immediate: "Furious, I went out looking for the bastard in my car ... driving around for a couple of hours with a hammer on my lap."

Thankfully, perhaps, there was no sign of the scoundrel but, after several more incidents, Buonaguidi returned home to find a burglar escaping from one of his windows. Immediate, violent action was required: "I hit him very hard on the head with a shovel. He flew out of the window, but not before I'd turned the blade sideways and struck him between his fingers and cleaved his hand open," advertising's Charles Bronson reveals. "When he landed on the floor, I kicked him hard in the nuts."

Once again, the burglar escaped. But clearly, Karmarama's Italian enforcer is not to be messed with.