DIARY: Burkitt's meeting with the Queen proves to be a right royal success

You know you've made it in life when you've finally shaken hands with the blue glove.

So the self-effacing Hugh Burkitt, the chairman of Burkitt DDB, must have felt pretty pleased with himself when he was invited for a tete-a-tete with none other than Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace recently.

Burkitt was trumpeting the cause of the national bereavement telephone helpline Day By Day, for the charity Cruse, of which Ma'am is a patron.

The cool Burkitt seemed to be unfazed by HRH. 'In real life she looks exactly like you'd expect her to,' our Palace correspondent says. 'Although there was a faint sense of disappointment that she wasn't wearing a crown or anything.'

So what was the verdict on Ma'am? 'She does have a jolly nice smile and a very good set of teeth,' he says admiringly, revealing the missed opportunity of a career in dentistry.

Burkitt, who is something of a regular round at the Royals', was doubtless glad it all went without a hitch on this occasion, as the last time he shook hands with blue blood, he was waiting in line with none other than Bernard Barnett, the vice-president of corporate affairs at Y&R Europe and a former editor of Campaign. A mistimed dash by Barnett from the queue left a frustrated Burkitt to be introduced by completely the wrong name.

And it wouldn't do to correct the Queen.

Which just goes to show that as far as Royalty is concerned, if you've met one ad man, you've met them all.