Diary: Burnett boys test their student debating skills

In a glittering night of intellect and downright drunkeness, last week's IPA 44 Club inter-agency debate saw a Leo Burnett team emerge victorious in all three debates put to the house.

The pressing matters exercising the steeltrap minds of advertising's finest included 1) Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars, 2) Jaffa Cakes are cakes, not biscuits, and, finally, 3) It's better to sleep with your boss than with your junior.

The powerhouse representatives of Leo Burnett were none other than two new graduates, Harry Dromey and Harman Randhawa. Despite some stiff opposition from Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, the pair worked the crowd with their wit and charm to argue it was far more fun to corrupt the innocent little juniors than roll around with your boss on the leather sofa.

Dromey and Randhawa were last seen on the corner of Oxford Street, clutching their trophy while drunkenly trying to write a cheque for a 50p bag of chips. Clearly, old student habits die hard.