DIARY: Burnett's broadsheet is a sign of The Times

We were astonished to find this year's Audit Bureau of Circulations figures thrown into disarray by the arrival of a new broadsheet, Made World.

It seems the gang at Leo Burnett's fashion agency, Made, has been more than a little busy with the Letraset in these most taxing of times, producing what looks alarmingly like The Times.

Features include Guy Browning on what fun means (throwing stones at someone building a dry-stone wall), tips for a better sex life (apparently, pumpkin and bacon cake does the trick), plus a gripping story focusing on the Advertising Executives Union strike (headed by someone called, ahem, Mike Weeneck).

Edited by the creative director Joakim Jonasson, Made World has just about all the ingredients for today's quality rag - let's hope it helps on the new-business front.