Diary: 'Cab-tive' audience don't appreciate Rapley show

Mark Rapley, the planning consultant at The Garden Partnership, has suddenly found he is adland's public enemy number one.

Being a headhunter, he can probably expect a bit of animosity, but this time it seems he doesn't deserve the notoriety he has attained.

The reason for this vitriol? Nothing more sinister than a video being played on CabVision, which is found in some of London's taxis.

The programme in question is about a Claydon Heeley Jones Mason pitch he was involved in some years back that was filmed by the BBC for The Open University. This section follows a contribution from the powerful media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Apparently, it is easy for adland's great and good to block out the incessant chatter of a captain of industry, but when it comes to Rapley, they just can't get him out of their heads - and it's driving more than a few people potty.

Industry bigwigs such as Johnny Hornby, George Bryant and Paul Hammersley are all attesting to the huge annoyance factor of having to see this video over and over again.

In Rapley's defence, he had no idea he was popping up in the backs of cabs. "I've not received a penny in repeat fees. All I've done is provoke the irritation of my clients," he gamely said.