Diary: Cabral apostles spread the word on Facebook

Despite reports that some people are finally starting to grow tired of the Facebook revolution, Diary scribes are still as hooked as ever and feel it's time for a little update on who is doing what in the world of grown-up social networking.

First up is an individual called Karl Brook, who has launched the toe-curlingly embarrassing group "Juan Cabral is a Design God".

Luckily, at the time of going to press, the fawning collective was only six-strong. Obviously, the industry is still to decide whether to join in and worship at the feet of the boy from Buenos Aires.

Diary can't help but wonder what groups will spring up on completion of the Fallon creative's next directorial assignment. "Juan Cabral for President", perhaps. Or how about "Adland's Best Trendy Mullet"? Then again, "Juan Cabral Loves Colours" has a nice ring to it.

Moving on, two of the founding partners of Fred Farid Lambert have shown just how much love they have for each other, and how close they are creatively, by setting up a joint Facebook page.

In addition to their individual pages, the joined-at-the-hip creative duo share a page called Fred Farid, where they both keep in contact with friends and business associates as a couple. Ahh, bless.