Diary: Cadman and Lidstone - Thai-ed to each other?

Last year, we had the Diary story that Euro RSCG London's new hirings, Mark Cadman and Russ Lidstone, regularly hold two-person management meetings at a cottage in Deal.

Now it would appear that as well as working together, the two are also holidaying together - something Diary accidently found out after a brief chat with Lidstone. The conversation went as follows:

Lidstone: "I'll be on holiday in Thailand tomorrow, then I'll be starting at Euro when I get back."

Reporter: "OK. I might give Mark a call, then. Is he around?"

Lidstone (helpfully): "He's on holiday at the moment."

Reporter (innocently): "Oh, where is he?"

Lidstone (pregnant pause): "Erm ... Thailand."

Reporter (knowingly): "Are you meeting him?"

Lidstone (trapped): "... Yes."

How sweet. This lovely story has reminded Diary of Mike Perjanic's timeless theme for Home & Away: "You know we belong together/you and I forever and ever/No matter where you are/you're my guiding star."

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