Diary: Cadman is sowing the seeds to his own revival

Mark Cadman, the former chief executive of Euro RSCG, has taken on his gardening leave quite literally this year, busying his days with tending to the blooming Hellebores and Penstemon in the garden of his West London family home.

But, three months in from his departure, it would seem that Cadman has had enough of snails and pot plants for company and has finally resurfaced from his potting shed (or should that be plotting shed?) by mailing a postcard with his contact details on to all and sundry, begging to "catch up with all the people I know".

To many, the prospect of spending the next year getting dirty in the garden doesn't sound that bad; but not for Cadman, after years of leading agencies, the break from the rat race has not hit the spot, and he is ready to jump back in there with both feet, throwing his trowel and rake to one side. You can't knock him for his shameless attempt to find a new job, especially in the current climate.

After all, there's only so much gardening a man can do. But whether he ends up doing a start-up, joining another agency or moving client-side will only be clear at the end of 2009 when his gardening leave ends. Are you green with envy yet?