Diary: Cadman's collared and cuffed by fashion police

It's always revealing to discover what people do when the going gets tough.

Gerry Moira came out of the closet last week to admit to playing Trinny and Susannah to Mark Cadman's "middle-aged frump" as the two engaged in a spot of girly retail therapy after a particularly difficult morning in the office.

Two Nehru jackets later and Cadman was already committing the sartorial sin of combining them with the wrong collar, Moira raged, before (and you'll have to indulge Diary in a bit of fantasy here) grabbing Cadman and shoving him into a 360-degree mirrored cubicle.

But Cadman ultimately proved putty in Moira's generous hands and, like any extreme convert, has now begun evangelising about his creative chairman's style guidance. He even wears the Moira-recommended aftershave.

And in further testament to his allegiance, the Nehru-jacketed Cadman even weathered his wife's withering "Are you really going out like that?" and still wore the Moira-approved garment to a recent adland do.

But, while Diary would never claim Cadman doesn't need a style makeover, we'd urge him to watch where he puts his trust. Has he seen what his Svengali was sporting in the 80s? Oh yes, designer label or not, it's still a shell suit.