Diary: The camera never lies. Except in adland, that is

Here at Campaign Towers, we're always open to suggestions about adding some sparkle to our pages.

So we're indebted to Andy Whitlock, the creative strategist at Poke, for these ideas for sexing up our content. He says the inspiration came to him when an AdWeek editor called asking for a picture to go with an article he'd written.

"I was sitting in my boxer shorts at home. So I threw on a shirt and suit jacket and took a generically aloof portrait," he recalls. "I looked a bit of an arse, but the funniest thing was that I wasn't wearing any trousers. If only they'd known."

Now, courtesy of Whitlock, a previously hidden world has opened up. How could we ever have guessed that Nigel Long, Naked's chief executive, could look so good in high heels? Or that Pete Robins, the founder of Agenda21, possessed such gorgeous legs?

Nor did we know that "Face To Watch" Kathryn Ellis, a planner at Delaney Lund Knox Warren, is such a pogo-stick talent. And when Patrick Doherty isn't working as Deloitte's head of cost reduction, he's busy cleaning up Gotham City as Batman's sidekick, Robin.

If you have any ideas for amusing, and ideally raunchy, mock-ups, please drop us a line.