Diary: Cameron of The Young Punx wasn't always cool

An update on last week's Diary revelation that Cameron Saunders (pictured below left), the planning director at WCRS, is one half of the DJ-ing duo The Young Punx (the other half is a mad-looking blond bloke called Hal Ritson).

The video of their new single, Young and Beautiful, which can be viewed on their website www.theyoungpunx.com, stars Saunders as a plastic surgeon and was apparently shot for about £500 in a clinic in Helsinki.

The song itself is worth a listen - Fatboy Slim called it "the most insane catchy tune of the year" - but it's by no means Saunders' first foray into the world of music.

In 2003, he took brand extension to a whole new level when The Young Punx created a bootleg of the 118 118 TV ads' song Got Your Number and were made a 25-1 long shot for the Christmas number one by the bookmaker William Hill.

Not only that, but 80s music fans may recognise him from a previous incarnation in a band called New Atlantic. At the tender age of 18, he even appeared on Top of the Pops singing I Know, complete with shoulder-length hair and a centre parting. Any pictures to campaign@haynet.com. We're dying for some nostalgia.