Diary: Campaign aids Doritos

This week, Campaign found itself getting involved with the judging for Doritos' latest user-generated content wheeze.

The idea behind "king of ads" is that people send in their own commercials and the winner gets it on air and paid some cash, only this time, the prize money has gone up to a staggering £200,000.

The judging process is being opened up to the industry, and this week was Campaign's turn.

After looking at a group of ads, we decided that this week's winner would be Monkey Chase.

The 30-second spot is a stop-motion tale of aggression and retribution, only using a stuffed monkey with a taste for Doritos and dip. The plot sees the cheeky simian breaking a Dorito into pieces and feasting on its crispy goodness. While he's busy devouring the snack (and getting dip all over his face), the rest of the chips sneak up on the monkey, engulf him and tie him up in a Doritos bag. The ad ends just before he's chucked off a couch.