Diary: Campbell fails to follow latest bus-fare etiquette

A word of caution for any high-flying ad agency executives tempted to slum with hoi polloi on the commute to work: don't. Or, if you must, make sure you do your research first.

Let the experience of the soon-to-be United London joint partner Robert Campbell be a lesson to you.

Campbell's fall from one of adland's top executive creative directors to vehicular offender was a swift one. He was summoned to a meeting in the centre of London and made the fatal error of deciding to keep it real by jumping on the number 12. He didn't realise, he claims, that passengers now have to pay before boarding bendy buses.

As the bus approached Westminster, Campbell was fingered by an inspector, kicked off the bus and fined for failing to show, on demand, a valid ticket for his full journey.

His intended destination? A meeting with Amanda Walsh and Jim Kelly to discuss how best to deal with Campaign scooping the story of his and Kelly's imminent arrival at United London.