DIARY: Canary axe means it's the chop for McMurdo

Regular readers of the Diary will know that a couple of weeks ago, we broke the story that Lindsay McMurdo, Ogilvy & Mather's communications director, had landed a job reviewing restaurants for Canary magazine.

Well, the curse of Campaign strikes again. Within days of writing this, Conde Nast decided to axe the title, thus cruelly robbing McMurdo of his hobby.

If you ask us, it's a crying shame. Lindsay appeared to be finding his feet and, as a tribute to his brief yet glorious stint as a food hack, here are a few of his greatest moments.

"Try them with a simple side of spinach for a memorable lunchtime treat." And who could forget: "Pizzas are crisp and to the point and don't fall into that British aberration of being over-topped."

Lindsay, if you ask Diary, Conde Nast doesn't know what it has lost.

Now get back to your day job.