Diary: Candid cameras make the grade at the Baftas

Diary had its eagle eye on the Bafta Awards this week and noticed some interesting subtleties to the style of camera-work displayed, which helped make the evening even more entertaining than usual.

First, one of the cameramen spent most of the evening with his lens fixed firmly on the face of the former BBC director-general, Michael Grade, a strange move considering his present role as the executive chairman of its rival broadcaster ITV.

Indeed, the camera found its way on to the TV chief's grinning face on more than ten occasions.

Diary reckons this cunning little camera jockey is looking for a way out of the BBC and over to ITV.

Second, it seemed as if every camera operator in the London Palladium had been briefed with focusing solely on the losers as soon as a winner was announced.

The attention paid to the runners-up made for some highly amusing facial-ticks, scowls, harrumphs and sickened glances from many of the losing guests.

After being faced with Grade's cheerful mug all night, Diary began to wish he had been nominated for an award and lost - then he might have been a bit more miserable.