Diary: Is Cannes going to be the hot venue for the new summer of love?

All indications point to the 51st Cannes Lions as being the most loved-up and hormonally charged in living memory.

Creatives are being exhorted to "get emotional"; marketers are being sweet-talked into shifting to a "biological, more fluid approach"; while the Lions' owner and part-time Dr Amour, Roger Hatchuel, has displayed all the guile of a sixth-former passing notes in the common room in his stirring of the waters between clients and their agencies.

According to Hatchuel, the message on the frisky lips of those with their hands on the purse strings is: "We love you, we need you."

But it's not all lust. Clients such as McDonald's, down in Cannes en masse this year with its "I'm lovin' it" mantra, are here to understand agencies. They follow the lead of Procter & Gamble, which last year sent its chief marketing officer, Jim Stengel, to embrace the festival.

This year, Bernard Balderstone has been prised from his Jesmond shell and is making a surprise appearance. Bet he didn't love that.