Diary: Can't callous Carlos just let HHCL rest in peace?

Wikipedia, the home of user-generated information on such fascinating topics as the habits of the lesser spotted woodpecker and the history of the pencil sharpener, has deemed the once-renowned London ad agency HHCL not "notable" enough to place its digital headstone on the site.

After the agency was laid to rest in 2006, one of its founders, Axel Chaldecott, took it upon himself to set up a Wikipedia entry for the agency, so its achievements could live on in the digital world.

The site included information about the shop's best work, including the Blackcurrant Tango "St George" ad and the infamous Ronseal campaigns from the 90s.

All was well until an editor of Wikipedia, a Latino-Californian with a soft spot for Abba named Carlos, began to question the "notability" of the agency.

Despite protestations from the founders, Carlos felt HHCL was simply not distinguished enough to sit alongside the likes of Jamie Ginn, the 2006 winner of Miss Delaware, and struck it from the site.

You can register your grief with Carlos himself by visiting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User talk:Carlossuarez46.