DIARY: Capital entertainment is just a load of hot air

Over the years, the Diary has heard of some pretty wild industry parties. It would seem advertising and media folk have got some unusual ideas as to what passes for entertainment.

Diary remembers one agency party last year during which a couple of hired actors faked an argument, took all their clothes off and simulated sex before a gaggle of bemused onlookers.

Still, not everyone is as well prepared. Take Capital Radio Group; at a recent company party to celebrate Burns Night, some of the agency's top brass were concerned the evening wasn't Scottish enough. Up stepped Capital's resident Jock, Linda Grant, who raced out, collared a busking bagpiper, dragged him into the Capital offices and ordered him to whip up a highland racket.

In this financial climate, could this sort of cut-price approach to entertainment be the shape of things to come?