DIARY: Cardwell the hero as Eminem floors teens

Diary is keen to hear from advertising's most tolerant parents. And

Paul Cardwell, the creative director at Doner Cardwell Hawkins, known in

the industry for his love of the arts, last week swapped his opera

glasses for some heavy duty earplugs as he dutifully took on the role of

trendy dad.

The occasion was brought about by US badboy rapper Eminem, on tour in

Blighty. Eminem's antics with a chainsaw were enough to keep the

chattering classes yakking last week, but while most parents were

rolling their eyes to heaven, asking their kiddiwinks to turn down the

stereo and enticing them with tickets to the Tweenies instead, Cardwell

was moshing with his teenage daughter and ten of her closest friends at

a sell-out concert in London.

However, despite having the honour of escorting the wild young things,

Cardwell could hardly have anticipated just how hands-on his role as

chaperone would be. With prime seats right at the front, within spitting

distance of Mr Mathers III himself, Cardwell could have been forgiven

for thinking he'd outdone himself in the coolness stakes.

Well, it was lucky for the girls that he was there - and we're not

talking about his formation dancing and waving arms routine. Alas,

overcome by the emotion of watching their mask-clad hero, the excited

young things began dropping like flies. Literally. Cardwell recounts

that four of his charges fainted and had to be manhandled over the

barriers to safety.

On getting them safely home, his duties didn't stop there. They awoke,

ravenous after their adventures, to find Cardwell had donned his pinny

and made 30 rounds of bacon sarnies. Guess who's going to be washing the

car for the next few weeks ...