Diary: Caring agencies charm The Sunday Times' list

Don't listen to those stories about agencies reverting to the ways of the Victorian workhouse. The Sunday Times, which has published its latest report on the 100 Best Companies To Work For, is chock-full of the ways adland looks after its own.

And what a caring, sharing place it is. Indeed, adland seems so full of happy, contented folk, you wonder why anybody would want to leave.

Certainly not at the seventh-ranked Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, where Jeremy Miles, the chairman, "personally welcomes all staff and informally checks they are settling in". Since MCBD has little more than 50 employees, he shouldn't find this too arduous.

Meanwhile, at TBWA\London, the milk of human kindness seems to be overflowing.

"Anyone can put forward a creative idea, either via e-mail or popping in to see a manager," the report says. Well, there's a surprise. What's more, TBWA's chief executive, Andrew McGuinness, is a real man of the people, meeting all new starters in their first week.

It sounds better than St Luke's, where Neil Henderson and Philip Teer hold "culture clinics", setting out their vision "to be the most inspiring company in the world".

Diary suggests The Sunday Times institutes a bullshit check before next year's tome appears.