Diary: Carlton screen stars set to go under the hammer

They were once iconic stars of the silver screen but now they're on the industry scrapheap. The two giant branding irons which literally scorched the name Carlton Screen Advertising on to our collective memory as we scoffed popcorn waiting for the main feature are now obsolete and lying in the company's offices in Golden Square.

The acting talent and undeniable brawn of the huge hunks of metal are sadly no longer required now that Carlton Screen has rebranded to Digital Cinema Media, replete with a new bright orange logo.

But, fear not, they won't be consigned to the ironmongers. DCM is toying with the idea of giving one to a film museum and putting the other up for sale on eBay and donating the spoils to charity.

They should fetch a tidy sum as, like any screen icon, they have many hardcore fans. One loon even phoned DCM to ask if he could have one of them in order to brand his own chest with the star logo.

There are those who will be glad to see the back of them, though. Apparently, there's a Facebook group dedicated to people who were traumatised by the sight of the irons on screen as kids.