Diary: A cartoon carry-on as jobseeker blogs her way into adland's creative ranks

As most creatives will tell you, getting your break in advertising as a graduate can be a soul-destroying nightmare, where stressed creative directors have carte blanche to rip your work, your character and probably your hairstyle to pieces.

Gwen Yip flew to England from China in 2006 with the intention of getting a job. She created a warts 'n' all blog of her experiences (log on to http://gwenyip.blogspot.com).

Backed by her own drawings, she explains in short posts who she has seen, what they were like and her feelings before the meetings.

For example, she describes her build-up to a meeting with Michael Russoff at Wieden & Kennedy. "I arrive too early. Shit in the toilet in a cafe. Nonsense! The hook is so high (or am I too short?). Holding the heavy bag I need to keep the pose to get it done. There is no water supply to wash hand in toilet," Yip writes.

She goes to see Gerry Moira, the UK director of creativity at Euro RSCG London, who casts doubt on her fear of meeting creatives. She writes: "He looks like Santa Claus. He's as tender-hearted as Santa Claus. He keeps saying 'good' when looking at my work, he even says, 'You're talented!' Wow ... this makes me so happy!"

Slightly less hospitable were Justin Tindall, then at DDB, and now the creative director at The Red Brick Road, and Adam Tucker, the creative partner at DDB London, who she calls the Skinhead Twins. They laugh at her work in the places where it's meant to be funny. But they don't offer her a chair. "They seem to enjoy reading my new story so much, even though it has not been translated into English yet. But I'm ignored. I just stand there all the while as I'm given no seats," Yip writes in her blog.

Eventually, she is offered a placement at Wieden & Kennedy, where she gets to meet Kim Papworth, the joint creative director. "Wow! Kim Papworth comes and shakes hands with me. Cool," she writes.

A recent post chronicles a rather sweary Steve Henry, the executive creative director at TBWA\London, borrowing the two books she has had published. She writes: "He suggests me go there after finished at Wieden & Kennedy. Then he'll return books when I work for him."