DIARY: Champagne-chasers cross-dress as nuns and Austrian singers

Some people will do anything for a free bottle of Champagne. Take

Marcus Brown, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R's suitably effervescent

new-business director, who'll stop short at nothing - including drafting

in his fellow agency bods - in order to secure the tipple.

Dressing up is strictly optional at the Sing-along-Sound of Music Friday

night event (which, we understand, Brown attends regularly). But not for

Brown or his arm-twisted colleagues. The managing partner, James Murphy,

was manhandled into a nun's habit, Kerin Purcell, the new-business

assistant, worked by candlelight to stitch her apron and head scarf,

while Joanna Tocock, an eager-to-please work placement, donned a

fetching Heidi outfit.

The piece de resistance, however, was Brown.

Knowing he had to trump his colleagues' outfits he stopped short at


Out came the fuscia lederhosen, white open-necked blouse and Tyrolean

hat. Unsurprisingly, he wiped the floor and triumphantly marched off

with the warm Champagne.

However, it took rather a lot of alcohol for Murphy to feel comfortable

in his costume and - if sources saying he woke up on the floor in the

corridor of his building are to be believed - we suspect he won't be

making a habit of it.