Diary: Channel 4 creates a real stink about new series

Does Channel 4's attention to detail know no limits?

There was clearly little left to chance in the development and promotion of the broadcaster's new reality show Dumped, which is set on a rubbish tip, if the stench emanating from a promotional poster that recently arrived at Campaign Towers is anything to go by.

The poster is an A1-sized picture of a landfill site with the word "stinks" emblazoned across it in bright pink. Appropriately, it does exactly what it says on the tin, for the poster literally reeks (as a Campaign photographer discovered to his cost on close inspection of the ad). Diary presumes this was a deliberate touch and not merely an indication of declining hygiene standards at C4's press office.

Dumped features 11 contestants living off the contents of a landfill site in an attempt to raise awareness of how much more waste Britain could recycle, and is set in the armpit of greater London, Croydon - a more fitting location is hard to imagine.

However, no doubt mindful of the recent cheating storm to have engulfed the TV industry, C4 has been quick to admit that the contestants are living on an area specially created for the show, since hazardous gasses on the main dump could prove fatal.