DIARY: Cheesey trick lacking plausible deniability

So much for the resourceful Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper graduates

frantically learning their instruments for the Christmas concert in a

few weeks (see last week's Diary).

This must be proving so time-consuming that they've no room to do any

real work. For what should arrive on their rival agency Publicis' desk

but a seemingly innocent e-mail. "I am studying marketing at UCL," the

note piously starts. Ah, that old chestnut.

The writer then expresses a surprising interest in Mini Cheddars. "I'd

like to know as much of the brief as you can give away!" our naive

opportunist burbles on.

Er, we're sure you would, but warning bells were already clanging.

"I'm interested in Mini Cheddars because their marketing and advertising

success has been largely ignored by the IPA, so I thought I'd have a


A word of advice, Clare Toolan. If you're going to try and be devious,

at least remember to use a pseudonym.